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So., 28. Jan.



Connection & Communication Workshop (EN) ūüíę

Connection & Communication Workshop (EN)  ūüíę
Connection & Communication Workshop (EN)  ūüíę

Zeit & Ort

28. Jan. 2024, 14:00 ‚Äď 16:00

Shaktiyoga, S√ľlzburgstra√üe 104-106, 50937 K√∂ln, Deutschland


√úber die Veranstaltung

Join us for this experience crafted for individuals who wish to connect with their authentic selves, express their needs, boundaries, and desires, and embrace vulnerability in connecting with others. This workshop is ideal for those:

  • Seeking a profound connection with your¬†authentic self
  • Eager to express your¬†needs, boundaries,¬†and¬†desires authentically
  • Open to embracing¬†vulnerability¬†in your connections with others
  • Interested in a supportive and uplifting environment for¬†self-exploration

What to Expect:

Authentic Expression: Use movement, dance, and words to express your true self, free from judgment or inhibition.

Connection with Yourself & Others: Develop meaningful connections with yourself and fellow participants through exercises that promote understanding, empathy, vulnerable and authentic communication.

Communication Skills: Learn non-violent communication methods through single, partner, and group exercises.

Self-Compassion: Develop a compassionate relationship with yourself, fostering a deeper understanding of your needs, boundaries, and desires.

What to Wear & Bring:

Attire:¬†No need for special attire‚ÄĒjust be yourself.

Atmosphere: Enhance the experience by bringing warm socks for a cozy setting.


  • The workshop is conducted in English, providing an inclusive environment for diverse individuals.


  • Led by Sena, a passionate practitioner of authenticity, vulnerability, non-violent communication, yoga, and dance.


  • Leave feeling accepted, loved, and connected just as you are.
  • Discover the ease of communication and connection through this 2-hour gift to yourself.

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  • Connection Workshop

    Von 15,00¬†‚ā¨ bis 20,00¬†‚ā¨
    Verkauf beendet
    • 20,00¬†‚ā¨
      + 0,50¬†‚ā¨ Servicegeb√ľhr
    • 15,00¬†‚ā¨
      + 0,38¬†‚ā¨ Servicegeb√ľhr



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